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God damn it's like being told mom and dad are never going to get back together

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Geez, you went right from lighthearted small talk to fucking depressing

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The worst is where people are on the show for a while so every time they're on they tell a less interesting story each time.

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The trick is to upload it to the internet before you get C&D'd, and don't talk about it before you're ready to upload it.

This is not legal advice.

EDIT: Don't forget to upload any copyright-infringing material via TOR so it becomes much more difficult for a company to subpoena your IP.

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I can envision a situation where two represented players are vying for the same spot on the same team. I don't know how you are supposed to act in the best interests of both clients in a situation like that.

I don't think the lawyers would get involved at that phase of negotiations. The esports lawyer doesn't necessarily know or care who's going to be the best new acquisition for an Overwatch team. It's only once the offer is made and paperwork starts going back and forth that the lawyers would need to get involved. IANAL though. ;)