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sekxb619 karma

First, I just wanted to say that Bonnaroo has literally changed my life. The first year I went, I was deep in a eating disorder that was life-threatening. When I got to Bonnaroo 2011, it was the first time in two years I didn't count calories, make myself throw up or even think about what I was eating.

The second time, Bonnaroo 2013, I had just moved back home due to unfortunate circumstances, and was depressed and not inspired by life. Being at Bonnaroo in a truly beautiful, happy, and giving community saved me. Thank you for putting together such an amazing experience and thank you to the Bonnaroo community for giving everyone a glimpse at what life could really be like if everyone helped, supported, and even just smiled at each other.

Now to my question: how did the theme of radiating positivity come about? Was it born organically from the attendees?