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So... his dick is 4 inches wide and 1 inch long? Got it.

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When I was applying for college in 2005 I wrote about the most ridiculous things. For example, one essay topic was "Who do you look up to and why?" I wrote about Sponge Bob because although he faces adversity in almost every situation, he puts on a happy face and has a good attitude... etc. etc. etc.

Another topic was "What qualities or characteristics can you contribute to the university community?" I wrote about how I can say the ABCs backwards and burp my name in many different ways.

I got into that school and every school I applied to while writing stuff like that. It made me think that either the schools didn't read my essay, liked me enough without the essay, or though I was creative enough to let me in. I think the essay is a sham.

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Can promoters really get you VIP status? The last time I went to Vegas, my fiancee (she was my girlfriend at the time), her best friend, and myself would get bombarded by promoters when walking down the strip in the middle of the day. They would always tell us that they could get us into such and such a club, no cover, VIP area, etc. My fiancee and her friend are VERY attractive, but I was surprised that we got so many offers since I was with them. We ended up saying no to them and doing our own thing. Should we have listened to the promoter?

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Thanks for the reply. I guess it's good that we told them no thanks. What is a decent tip to offer a doorman if you want to skip the line? Would it be more like $20, $50, or $100?

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What in your opinion makes a wedding fun and memorable?