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how would you go about tackling dangerous and harmful videos on youtube, as there is current around 400 hours of content uploading every minute and 1.5 billion people with accounts. it would be impossible to police as it is such a wide problem as videos can be title under something else but still show isis content. so how will you deal with it, without threating companies with fines and banning their websites? is it even possible to control?

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do you sit in the big hall and listen to jucker, barnier and tusk? if so, do you find them go on and on?

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i never said police, i said youtube should hire more youtube staff to tackle this problem. but we should also hire more police.

police have already stop looking at shop thefts under £200. so its clear we dont have enough officers.




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fines only go so far. so much content is being uploading to the internet in this day and age, it would have to be required on community policing (just like here on reddit) which often doesnt work, if some moderators have different views to hate speech then other moderators. also you need to think about how people can just buy a domain name and start uploading content there and telling their friends in real life, meaning the website will be lost in the 1000s of pages when doing a google search aka the dark web.

what i believe needs to be done, to youtube is that youtube staff should have to watch the videos before the video gets publish to the public, this will slow down the amount of content that gets upload, but will stop hateful content.