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Ben KcKenzie voiced Bruce Wayne / Batman in Batman: Year One.

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He probably meant "self-moving".

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A desktop version will definitely be a good addition, and it's in our pipeline.

Nice to hear! My phone is old and underpowered and I prefer using my PC whenever possible.

We haven't been using open source in several years.

I guess I'll update the german Wikipedia article then.

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What are your thoughts on making Be My Eyes available as a desktop app for volunteers?

Development capacities aside, do you think this would be a good addition?

Since Be My Eyes is open source, is there anything preventing a third party from creating a desktop app that connects to the official service?

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  1. My Samsung SC4350 feels like it should suck much more. I already replaced all filters. Is there anything else I can do or is it just a weak model? (I like it because I got it for free and it doesn't need bags.)

  2. Can you recommend a good bagless vacuum for someone on a slightly tighter budget?

  3. What should I bear in mind when buying a used vacuum?

Bonus: A friend of mine once electrified himself while trying to remove the turbine from a vacuum that was still plugged in. What's the dumbest thing you ever did while repairing a vacuum?