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I am really sorry for your loss.

Let me ask you two questions:

First of all do you believe there are signs that people are "not okay"?

Also,do you think that people can indeed turn to be good people or are they just a lost cause.

As a person that wants to see good in every person I have to say I really admire you and your ability to forgive and find inner peace. Be strong

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Do you ever look at a project and think"WTF am I doing?" ??

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Hi Chris, Is there any specific painting that needed to be completely re-done because of some mistakes?Also I would like to ask how easy it is to correct a mistake you have made.

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Do you believe that eating disorders belong at the field of addictions?

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Thanks for doing this,big fan here.

Is there any data you provide ever proven to be false or have you regretted writing a part ? I am sure a ton of work went into the books/poadcasts,I'm just wondering if despite all this something was not researched enough or the source turned out not being reliable.