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I can't remember his name because I've spent too much time in zero-g.

Best excuse ever. "Sorry Margret, it seems I must have forgotten your birthday as I was breaking free from the shackles of gravity. How often do these Earth-birthdays happen, again?"

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Btw, you can edit your comment, you don't have to reply to yourself. This keeps the structure of the thread tidy.

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24/7. I literally can’t remember the last time someone thought I was a man. I’m 5’6” with a feminine voice and appearance.

I guess the height helps! A bit of a hypothetical question, if you were taller do you think it would have taken you longer before deciding to transition?

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Two questions:

1) Do you have a chat with some of the kids while they're on their breaks?

2) Did you ever walk in/stumble on teachers doing things in secret?

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I thought e.g. teachers hooking up in a supply closet, that sort of stuff.