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Hi Igor. Thanks. The problem of the "attribution" remains the most difficult in our sector. Anyway from the analysis of the implants, the C2 infrastructure, and TTPs in the past you have attributed some campaigns to specific threat actors that are known to be aligned with the interest of some states.

Did you find an actor that operates to persecute the interest of Israel?

Which are the nation-state actors during the COVID19 pandemic?

Thanks anyway

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Hi Folk do you have evidence of activities related to Israeli nation-state actors?

In the past, you have uncovered and documented several nation-state campaigns, but since today none has provided technical details of Israeli activity in the cyber space. Something related to their implants or attack platforms.

Apart Cina, Russia, Iran and North Korea, are you observing concerning activities related to other States. This is very important due to ongoing pandemic.

Thanks and go ahead with your excellent job.

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Sure ... you will never find Hebrew artifacts in the code of the implants. It is interesting to know if you ever mapped the C2 infrastructure of threat actors from Israel.