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How did you come to an idea to create Figure 1?

And, what's your favourite specialty, in terms of medicine, in professional life and on Figure 1? :D.

Thank you for making such an awesome app for medical professionals and everyone interested in medical sciences, plus greetings from "bevacizumab" on Figure 1!

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What are some of the daily problems that you encounter when living with the condition?

Did/do you have any cognitive signs, symptoms, issues because of this?

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RN currently working part time in a hospice center here. Thank you for doing this AMA! Love your music and the topics you're talking about.

My question is, how are you looking onto the hospice care, both from the physician and the nurse? Why are so many doctors afraid to prescribe higher doses of painkillers to terminal cancer patients, either to reach an appropriate pain management or symptom management (difficult breathing and morphine, for example)?

One more: your opinion on assisted suicide for people with terminal, absolutely incurable illness who clearly express the wish to die? Pointing to the 104 y/o Australian scientist who decided to end his life in Basel, Switzerland.

Thanks and cheers!