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Why would anyone have an issue with the tribe using their own resources to but private property to expand their reservation? Not being obtuse but generally would like to understand the resistance.

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What are your thoughts on tribes culling their member rolls to "purify" their membership and increase the benefits to remaining members?

Here is an example: https://www.fresnobee.com/news/local/article231979057.html

It's also happening in Washington State. Like the article, it seems to be a fight over gambling revenue.

That sparks the question, why have reservations not diversified to bring in other industries? It would seem that the gaming revenue could be a boon to fuel other economic growth, other than retail that surrounds the casinos.

Incidentally, as someone who lived on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming (in town) in the 80's the outcone of both Indian and Federal programs were disheartening. The government would give the NA giant blocks of cheese each month purportedly for calcium deficiency. They'd turn around and sell them for pennies out of the trunk of cars. The first of the month was was shocking as the men would get their checks, come into town and get so drunk that the bar owners would literally sit them on the street curb. The reservation had a flat bed truck that would pick up the men and haul the back to who knows where. As I understand it, NA's genetically lack the enzyme to process alcohol making them susceptible to getting drunk very fast.