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Speaking for myself I just want to make THC-infused condiments honestly.

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Fuck yeah it has! throws up a high five

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We're trying I'd say it looks not good lol.

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Wings have been ruined for me.

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We have a white board with all of our white-whale guests, and those two are at the top of it. We try to will them into existence. Not enough time to give the whole rundown, but these are some of the names that are always top of mind: The Rock. Joe Rogan. Alexa Chung. Guy Fieri. Chrissy Teigen. Kobe. Aziz. Hannibal. Chelsea Handler.

But, it's not the easiest show to book. Not everyone wants to eat violently hot wings on camera. This is the hole we've dug for ourselves but we're always pitching.