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Actually, comic sans was designed as a friendly font for use with the Microsoft Office assistant, Clippy! EDIT- Bob, apparently. It is very easy to read and is one of the best fonts for dyslexics.

The designer of comic sans also designed Trebuchet, which is beautiful. He said Comic Sans was never supposed to be used for anything else, and he's embarrassed at its popularity.

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A UK CV is more similar to a US Resume. I. The UK, a CV will be a thorough summary of your education and employment history. In the US, a CV is literally every bit of academic and professional achievement. A US resume is more like a highlight reel of recent or significant employment and edu.

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I've just done three trips booking through online travel agencies through momondo and they've been great. Less flexibility once I book but for a $350 RT to Japan... I'll take it!

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I read a lot of self published works. Please PLEASE find an editor. So many self published authors don't take advantage of the many freelance editors and it really shows in the writing. Everything from simple grammar to style and overall structure. At the very least, get a read through from somebody you trust to tell you when you suck.