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Exactly why he’s recommending it.

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Can you expand on the 3 false alarms that we have had? This is the first that I’m hearing of this.

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My wife has bipolar disorder, she is now on the right meds and she is a good mom. As long as you find the right meds that work for you, you can be a great mom. I can’t speak to the possibility that it may be passed to your kids, but being a good mom is very possible. Good luck, I hope you have kids one day. One thing about my wife, and she may be different from you, she requires a lot of sleep. I have had to step up and make sure to prioritize her sleep over mine when needed.

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Why did you start an ama if you’re not answering questions? It’s been 20 min and no comments from you.

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Earlier you said "people would struggle to even imagine in good and bad way". Can you give one example of one the good things that's hard to imagine?