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sean_thomason313 karma

Cool Dog is honestly one of the coolest movies about cool dogs out there. At one point, he rides in a taxi, despite the fact he is a dog. Now that's cool. Worth checking out for the song alone.

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This is the classic argument made against Cool Dog's coolness by film scholars, and while I understand it, I think it's pretty clear he's a dude with a 'tude so rude it transcends all eyewear.

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When I first got this job I explained it to a former roommate mine, and his response was "Oh, like talking back to the TV. That's perfect for you. You do that all the time." But he didn't smile when he said it, he just kind of glared at me.

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I kept waiting for Piranha, Piranha to be about a young girl's strange, erotic journey from Milan to Minsk.

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N-N-no NO NO no no N-N-N-NOOOO

(quoting Shia, even though we all know he is NOT FAMOUS anymore)