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I heard this from my patients at the VA hospital I was a chaplain at. I am not anywhere near your age, but even I find that there are things that I cannot do anymore...

To be truly young again with barely a care in the world and near limitless potential...that would be nice.

How did the years after the war treat you?

Thanks for your service both in and out of uniform.

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It is a sacred duty of all mariners to give aid to those in distress. Out there we are all at the mercy of the wind and waves.

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My cousin lost his battle buddy in an IED blast in Iraq plus two of his legs. He would go on to commit suicide.

So...just know that there is a tomorrow and a lot of people who honestly care. You know, just in case...

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The best thing about being an adult and living alone is that every day at home is pants optional. The highpoint of my day is when I take my pants off.

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Holy guacamole this is a heck of a story.

I am glad that you found some docs who were the right fit. My son and wife have issues and I have learned how critical it is to have someone who is sensitive and caring when the world is crashing down.

Since I have to ask a question, how awkward was it telling your husband “so, um, you know my ‘hey nanny nanny?’ of course you do. Well, it has a story to it. No, really, charts, graphs, etc.”

For some reason I imagine it must have been hilarious. Also awkward and serious. But oh so hilarious at the same time.