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A non sexual assault related experience but, an added risk of going to the police is that your report can be used against you in unexpected ways. Years back when I was a kid, I was assaulted by one of the neighborhood bullies who was armed with a baseball bat. After some injury (btw, if you are in that situation you either want to be really close to them, or really far away....and expect to get hurt) I managed to disarm him.
When I reported it, I was then arrested for theft.

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I think it cost my parents about 20k all said and done to fight it (although my mother is a solid shade of brown and kinda...psychotic and sounding off to all involved did not help much, nope not at all) , and this is 20k in 1980's money. We won it and once it got to a judge it was pretty much tossed out. But my father was very solid working class at the time and making good money, and I suspect they simply thought they could talk us into taking a plea to avoid worse results.

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Tell me how bad I screwed up, alright? Years back my 13 year old niece asked me what porn was, and at this time she had been in cyber school for a few years so...I knew she already knew how to google and I was pretty sure I did not want her finding out on her own, and worse yet finding out on her own without any context. So I told her that "porn is really bad fan-fic for adults"

On a scale of 1-10, how bad did I screw that up?