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ITT: fake accounts, people calling out fake accounts, fake accounts responding in progressively nastier ways to those call outs. This is reddit /u/Original_Six we know that you've populated an AMA with a crapload of mouthpieces, getting snarky about it and dodging the questions just makes you look like children covering your ears and screaming "LALALALA." you could have just typed up the planted questions under FAQ and people wouldnt be downvoting the shit out of you for gaming the system. as harsh as this is, if these are the type of strategies you used in the 80's im not surprised you failed to change anything. In future, why not be honest with your legitimate and worthwile cause? Why destroy your credibility with underhanded and dishonest tactics like this?

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Youre nitpicking and looking for a fight. OP has made it more than clear with her various comments that she doesnt have a problem with stripper or "exotic dancers" as she used to be one. Why are you so intent on starting conflict?

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How does one play a wind instrument in an orchestra without spewing potential covid air all over everyone? Are there filtered muffles or something ?