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Do you know the saying "I know I am wasting half my ad dollars, I just don't know which half"?

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In the 1970s, in elementary school, we were fed from these small aluminum disposable compartmentalized trays, that were packed in bulk and kept warm by steam, I think. The 'french fries" would become kind of slimy from the moisture. While wolfing them down, they would all seize up in our esophaguses in this 200 degree bolus of pain, somewhere in our chests. After some heaving and hits on the back, it would somehow dissolve and move on. Didn't stop us from eating them. Did you guys have a name for that? I have never encountered it elsewhere, in any type of food.

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= yes.

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Do you know, or have any leads on who may know, how the Roman gods came to be Viking gods? Jupiter as Odin and so on? I have always wondered about this.