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Do you think the first sub-2:00 marathoner will be someone who jumps to the marathon early in his running career (like Lesisa Desisa), or someone who spends his 20s running shorter distances on the track and then moves up to the marathon in his early 30s (like Eliud Kipchoge)?

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What do you think of Galen Rupp's marathon potential (if he ever runs one)? Could he be the first American-born runner to run under 2:06 (not counting Ryan Hall's massively wind-aided 2:04, obviously)?

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Dr. Joyner, how prevalent do you think microdosing (and other forms of nearly impossible-to-detect doping) is among elite marathoners? And what will it take to get all countries to start mandating out-of-season testing? While I initially had high hopes for the biological passport, it seems fairly easy to manipulate ... just look at the BBC's doping documentary from this past summer, where the reporter microdosed EPO and had no problem passing the bio passport.

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It's perhaps the greatest what-if question in running history: What times do you think Sammy Wanjiru would be running right now if he were still alive?

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Can anyone take down Wilson Kipsang on Sunday? Could his DNF at Worlds portend a poor race at NYC, or do you think he just dropped out due to the oppressive heat?