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Fluffy!! I love you man! My 9 year old son loves you too. Any advice for the little jokers in these tough times?

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I see you have listed quite a few "high threat" potentials.

  • Crater Lake
  • Glacier Peak
  • Mount Baker
  • Mount Hood
  • Mount Rainier
  • Mount St. Helens
  • Newberry
  • Three Sisters

As someone that lives basically in the shadow of Rainier and spends lots of time hiking/camping the cascade volcanoes, which of these "high threats" has the best chance of putting on a show anytime soon or is that a literal crap shoot?

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That's very interesting and makes sense. Thanks for taking the time to answer! I love hiking around MSH, Lava Canyon is one of my favorites.

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Hey Gary!

What's your favorite car/vehicle of choice?