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Lol what? I hate Trump, but he was elected, hasn't murdered anyone, has limited power, and Putin has been in power for 10x as long. That's a horrible example, can you even take it seriously?

There are countless videos of people stuffing your ballot boxes, and basically every other country is at a consensus that these attacks against critics are carried about by the Russian state. Tell me, are you brainwashed or just concerned about being killed like the other journalists that are critical of Putin? Or, like a disturbing number of polled Russians, do you just not care because having a miscreant for a dictator makes Russia slightly relevant on the national stage? If it's just fear, I sympathize.

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disobey American exceptionalism

Aka murder their critics (often on foreign soil), stuff ballot boxes, annex sovereign nations, hack elections of other countries, spend money to spread propaganda and even supporting opposing sides of the same issue simply to sow discord. You know it's not really up for debate anymore right? Several independent commissions have reached the same conclusions.

And do you know why Russia has a dictator and we don't? Because we openly dislike our President. Our free press is filled to the brim with criticism for him every single day.

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Dangling the promise of incriminating evidence on Clinton for weeks leading up to the election only for it to end up being inconsequential is not being "transparent".

It's engaging in a negative propaganda war to hurt one candidate and favor another. Hurting a candidate that your boss openly hates, and supporting a candidate who Russia, the country everyone suspects of controlling you, sees as controllable.

Please address this: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/5c8u9l/we_are_the_wikileaks_staff_despite_our_editor/d9umchd/