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What is your favorite STNG episode you had not worked on writing?

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I am having trouble conceptualizing a thesis for this experiment.

What was theirs?

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I saw you in The Interview with Veep's Governor Chung, Randall Park.

While making that movie and the ensuing shitstorm with the hack, did you ever feel like you were in any danger with all the threats that were flying around? Were you surprised at how quickly it was pulled from theaters.

Thanks. Looking forward to another season of Veep

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How do you feel about the "weaponization" (using the internet to stir outrage and witch hunts) of the internet, whereby it seems like everyone is looking for a "Gotcha!" moment to share with the mob for profit and to stir outrage? Do you feel that would be a force for good or more just a modern techno-lynching?

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this is about showing a glimpse of the city and its residents that many might never have the chance to see.

You have that backwards. These are the ONLY things people are allowed to see; the abuses and awfulness are the things you will be far less likely to see ever except for when photos accidentally get out, like this: