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Hiya, Karlee!
A long time ago, I might have gone the direction of fx artist. I work haunted houses, indie zombie productions, and there's an installation at the MoPop in Seattle with my work on it (and me!).

What was your path to the fx industry and what has your favorite project been so far?

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Well, she's a guy, so...

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I have friends who live in the islands in the South of the state. Would I be fair in saying that Alaskans are a resourceful bunch and hold many different positions, sometimes seasonally, in order to live with any prosperity in AK?

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What We Do in the Shadows has become a must-watch for me. I love the characters and storylines. The makeup in the show pretty much blends into the background, balancing for the overall effect of the show. It's gotten surprisingly gory, every once in a while.

If you're ever in hollywood, I'd recommend shadowing Kenneth Calhoun. I met him when he entered a makeup contest I run for a local horror convention. He is an outstanding artist and overall, a really nice human being.

Unless I retire a millionaire from what I do (IT Work) it's unlikely I personally will ever make FX artistry my career. But ... stranger things have happened, i 'spose. I'm not dead yet.

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That's where I am :) I worked on makeup and acted in the zombie videos. All the folks featured there are friends of mine. There's a plaque around there too, thanking us. It was a great time.

To promote it, they released us downtown in zombie makeup to harass people. It was fun. We also got to dress up and mingle for the exhibit kickoff party