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I'm a new dispatcher about to be released from training. In my small agency I may be totally alone sometimes. Any advice?

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I just read the Jack Black thread and came here looking for this. You delivered.

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Hi! I'm a dispatcher. What's one thing you wish your dispatchers understood better or did differently?

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I'm an excellent speller haha!! The second one is interesting. Sometimes I dispatch PD and they are like "Um that's an EMS/Fire call..." and I'm thinking "Just go! It's not like I send you on every EMS/Fire call!!"

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I do think a lot of times we forget that each job has it's own issues. I can sit and cuss under my breath about how I already gave that information but I don't know what you guys are dealing with on scene (since the caller info is often less than accurate). I did give the wrong address once right after I was released from training. I always double and sometimes triple check now.