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There's been some criticism of media for giving outsized attention to relatively small and fringe protests, particularly anti-mask, that ordinarily wouldn't have merited coverage, inflating their perceived support, with a suspicion that it's largely to feed rubberneckers, a sort of ideological freak show. Have you tried to do anything to avoid giving more attention to smaller protests?

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Imagine going to an "American" restaurant to find that nearly all the items on the menu are obscure Cajun dishes and that most of them have been modified in some way based on what ingredients could either be easily imported from the homeland (like with tomatoes for Italian Americans) or found locally.

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That being said, the anti-mask protests here in Los Angeles are generally less than 20 people and tend to be mostly the same 15 or so people.

Is that counting the journalists?

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I strongly suspect that you could triple the population density just by replacing all the single family housing to low-rises, townhouses, and triple deckers, and low rises to mid-rises.

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Are there any towns that have successfully managed to keep regulation low enough for housing to keep track with population but tight enough that there are standards (both for historic buildings and the ability to survive regular weather extremes, unlike Houston)?