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I'm a balloon twister too! Not nearly as good as you, but check out what I made - http://imgur.com/fvTPN, http://imgur.com/wQuZ1

Any chance you'd start making youtube videos teaching how to make balloon animals?

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Hokie here. The bomb threats the week prior were from Cho testing campus security and response

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They're women and women are more likely to study liberal arts.

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I don't necessarily think it was scripted, but the rumors say this... http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/29/news-views-gossip/2m2mm-gimmick-802238/

The really long post on the first page is the one you want to read.

TLDR; Viffer lost on purpose and had the money sent back to him. There's no way a pro of his caliber would have a tell that horrible and obvious.

Jay came out and said that it was real and was just simplified for TV, but I suppose we won't ever know for sure either way.

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You're the man! Sending an email now - Thanks!!