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sciguy147 karma

Hey Mike & other Hack-a-Day folks-

I want to hear what your thoughts are on project documentation for open source projects. I think it's really great that you've put together hackaday.io to encourage hackers to share their projects early and often. I frequently find that compiling proper documentation for my projects (to the level where people can reproduce the project with minimal background knowledge) can be just as hard as making the project itself. However, I still try really hard to do it, because I think open source hardware is basically useless without some good instructions.

It's great to see more folks posting things on project sharing sites, but I have found that sometimes documentation is seriously lacking, somewhat defeating the purpose of the project being open source hardware in the first place. How do you handle the documentation process for your own projects? What suggestions does the hack-a-day team have to encourage more folks to do a more comprehensive job of making good documentation?

-[Jeremy Blum]