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Why have you provided no sources or scientific background on your website?

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If I may ask, what journal? When did you submit? It seems a bit fast to move on to human trials before the animal trials are published. (Speaking from personal experience in extremely cautious publishing/funding schedules)

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What about previous research that informed this project? It would be nice to see what you are basing it on. Would you consider adding a more sciency FAQ for researchers who want more background?

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Of course Nature and Science publish stuff that isn't relevant to everyone. There's astronomy articles right next to super specific cell biology and a paper about shrimp eyeballs. They publish research that is a Big Deal, which this HIV vaccine would be. Like jargonista said, the fact that those people are saying they are going to cure HIV but it's not big enough news to make it into one of the big journals is a big red flag for me. I'm also hung up on the fact that the research isn't done by an established lab, and that only 3 or so of all the people listed on their website have a graduate degree in science (and two of them are MDs, not PhDs) while all the rest are marketing people.

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Link to pdf for those interested: https://filetea.me/t1sD30ULigLQYemSCM7HH6gkA