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I can't stop reading all of his replies in his voice.

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Just kidding, you can stay, it's better in here with you.

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I make hot sauce, too, but I know it is safe because 1) I sanitize my equipment 2) it's salted enough to inhibit harmful bacteria 3) it's cooked after fermentation and 4) it's got vinegar in it. You should try mine, too! Here's a picture of the color: http://i.imgur.com/hQSEBdm.jpg

It's habanero, cherry bomb, and ghost pepper hot sauce.

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Legalizing marijuana has serious economic, social, and political benefits. Reddit's support aside, it's just common sense.

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I'm curious, why do you feel so devoted to St. Isaac? Was it his tenacity and zeal throughout his ordeal? Do you feel he was doing a good thing by trying to convert Native Americans?