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If someone was murdered in your nation, how would your nation deal with it?

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IMO, all of the doctors and nurses there should lose their licenses for dismissing it as something not serious.

They didn't dismiss it.

They monitored to see if it would be self-limiting. When it became apparent that it wasn't getting better, they sent you to the hospital for further evaluation.

There, you were correctly diagnosed and treated.

Everyone in this case did everything they were supposed to, and they did it in a timely fashion.

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For a healthy person, donating a kidney doesn't put any undue strain on their remaining kidney and their rates of kidney disease later on in life are no higher than the general public.

Kidney failure is usually a result of uncontrolled hypertension/ diabetes, autoimmune diseases.

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We found a few cases in which an ambulance diversion wasn't allowed because the hospital staff asked about a person's health insurance.

Could you elaborate?

Were these EMS services bringing in 911 calls to the emergency department?

I ask because I've never heard any charge or triage nurse, in any ED I've worked at, ask about a patient's insurance status when en route via EMS. They're too busy and they don't care.

In the interest of transparency, I'd ask that you share the exact details of these cases so the readers in this thread can get a complete picture. My suspicion is that the circumstances surrounding these cases are a bit more complex than your post suggests.

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How are the community resources for psychiatric patients?

Do you see a lot of bounce-back to the EDs and inpatient facilities?

As an aside, what are your feelings on the proposed changes to BPD in DSM V?