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Thank you for doing this, awareness is key and I was pleasantly surprised to find out there was a day for this.

That said I was diagnosed with bipolar type 1 in my early twenties. I consider myself very high functioning and like many I find a lot of the medication (on my fourth med swap) to be debilitating to my productivity. Off medication (currently) I’m able to maintain a high GPA, focus on a successful entrepreneurial endeavor and enjoy several hobbies until I inevitably hit that point where I forget to sleep, eat and become wildly not fun to be around.

I know that currently it’s nigh impossible to maintain without medication but could that change in the future? Any new alternatives on the horizon that could make life a little easier without feeling like I’ve been chemically lobotomized?

Have any of you ever seen someone in a clinical setting that did well without medication? Is there any documentation on just how progressive the damage to the brain is after an episode? Thank you for any insight you can provide.

scatteredpattern2 karma

Are there any case studies/research papers/literature you’d recommend for someone unfamiliar with DBT, more specifically about it’s efficacy for someone with Bipolar 1?

Edit: Appreciate and love the content you guys put out, thank you for taking the time to do involved AMAs here.