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Mr. Taffer, as someone that would kill to have you in my father’s bar for 10 minutes, I would like to say my respect for you has grown tremendously through this AMA. We’ve shot a couple reality show episodes of a different nature in the restaurant and it really numbed me to the entire concept of reality tv. Your answers confirm my assumption that your show is different in that regard.

Hearing your responses has increased my desire to have you by the restaurant tenfold. Forget about the show, he would just benefit more from you in his face for 10 minutes as opposed to literally anything else in the world.

Thank you for your continued contributions to our industry!

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Thank you so much for hosting this!

As an entrepreneur in an illegal state, what can and should I be doing to best position myself for an opportunity to have a dispensary once legalization happens in my state?

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Ms. Bricken,

Thank you for taking the time to do this AMA and for your continued contributions to the industry. I'm hoping maybe you can help point me in the right direction as most law firms I've found thus far aren't even accepting clients from my state yet (GA).

What can I be doing to help better position myself to at the top of the line for a dispensary once legalization rolls down our way (be it for medical or recreational)? I can't fight this feeling that eventually enough states are going to legalize that GA won't have a choice but to accept.

I've offered my help to our local NORML chapter to no avail, and beyond that I feel kind of stuck in waiting. Georgia might be ten years away, but we might also be six months away, and I don't want to get caught sitting on my thumb once it happens.

Also, do you see most states going in the directions of Colorado's $5,000 application fee, or the $50,000+ that NJ and others are looking at?

Any input would be sincerely appreciated, thanks!