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can confirm. if any females do not believe this and need demonstration, hit up my inbox.

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Same here. Also sma and also wheelchair user. Call it what the hell u want, just dont make me get out the chair haha.

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All the time! I never mind answering if they are respectful and ask nicely. The ones i dislike at the ones that start blessing me and saying they feel sorry and how much I need Jesus lol.

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Check out lift rental places!! I also have sma type 3, and am also 23, and had to travel from California to Tampa for work last year and was able to find a place with a fully automatic powered rolling sure hands lift (I also can't do hoyers :) that they delivered to and took right from my hotel room. It's not cheap but another option to consider, particularly is senior-y vacation spots like Florida or Vegas.

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Hey! Also SMA and 23 and had spinal fusion and muscle cobtractions but a guy. I have been swimming my whole life and it helps me stay in shape and maintain muscle a bit. Im not able to lay on the water because I can't arch my back with the rods in my spine so I swim kinda prone and need someone to help me if I get tipped over to the side but in general I love the water. I can even slowly walk along the bottom. Also I used to do competitive Paralympic swimming as a kid, I think that helped a ton. Although the people that had to sit through my 6 minute laps may disagree...