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At what age do you think you would have liked to have been told about your condition? What do you feel would have been the best way to tell you?

And from your other comments, I am sorry for the reactions/actions of your family, religious figures, and partners. Just know that there are people out there that simply see you as a person and I hope you have been able to find them

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pretty sure they were referencing that movie "Office Space" but appreciate the effort!

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Nah it was my comment, I said 10-12 sounded about right given the relevance and maturity when it comes to learning about being intersex or having a genetic insensitivity to testosterone. My gut said people, like this commenter, would focus on the puberty part of the comment and not the intersex part so instead of arguing I deleted it wanting to prevent a tangential thread that isn't appropriate for this post out of respect for OP.

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If you are still answering questions, I am curious as to what you were told when you started taking Oestrogen at 10 to 11 as seen in the records you posted.