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I used to work for coca cola and when I started, my cup was never empty. We had access to unlimited fountain drinks. We even had a Freestyle too. We also had a large 20oz machine for $.50 and energy drinks for $1.00. I gained around 20 pounds the first couple months and realized it's not a good idea to drink so much of this crap.

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Yea. I lost mobility in my left hand for about 6 months after an accident. I used to be ambidextrous. 10 years later and I still haven't gotten back to being totally ambidextrous. I've broken fingers in my dominant right hand and one of the hardest parts was wiping my ass with my left.

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When I worked at coke, I had unlimited supply to drink but there was no drinking any other brand if coke was a competitor. Dr pepper and monster were grey areas though since coke distributes them in parts of the country.

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A lot of people had teeth issues too. The soda rots your teeth pretty bad when you constantly drink it everyday.