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For my 15th birthday you sang to me that my "eyes are even bluer than the water in my toilet" as you held my hand. It was a magical night.

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Have you gone through the hospital and social worker to express interest in meeting?

Please understand that the restrictions put on sending letters between donors and recipients is for the safety of both parties. Contact your social worker through the hospital or the organization handling the letters to set up the meeting.

My family is currently on the paired kidney exchange and have done lots of research on this -- all of these things are in place for patient confidentiality reasons and safety. Please go through the right channels.

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What OP said isn't true. NZ has living donor programs - it's always preferred for it to be a living donor rather than deceased.

Having just gone through being a potential donor for my father here in the US, there would have to have been some other factor that the NZ doctors saw that they didn't find OP to be a good match.

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That isn't true - there are living donor programs in NZ! It's always preferred to have a living donor rather than deceased. And he wouldn't be on the list 8 years without being in dialysis - he simply wouldn't be able to survive with kidney failure that long if he was eligible for a transplant.

I don't know where you got that information but it is wrong

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Programs in the US, NZ and other countries are set up for live donation to be sure there isn't monetary exchange for it so OP is misinformed.

Source: just went through the process to be a donor for my dad