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Jocko, you briefly touched in your affinity for the english language on the last podcast, any thoughts of writing a fiction book? Blood Meridian or story of life lesson(s)

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How did that start? Your network? You made decision to launch consulting co first, etc?

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Did you have any involvement/working with General Stanley McChrystal and Chris Fussell? If so what was that like? He seems to be all about Decentralized Command, or as he calls it Team of Teams.

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Another one gentlemen. Do you see one of the biggest reasons for the poor leadership in the corporate world is the confusing of management with leadership?

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Thank you for your service. I have thoroughly enjoyed your book and reference quite often. How did you go about deciding what to do after retiring from SEALs? Did you use any specific process, discovery or analysis considering the career shift from SEALs to leadership consulting? Did you see a vacuum in the world? And more predominantly in the business world?