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Do you think the current debate around consent is having an impact on how people talk about sex between one another, especially in terms of discussing desires and fantasies?

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Yeah. Plus, a lot of people just use one condition to make the assumption.

The other thing that bothers me: Condition 4 is basically saying "Criticism of Zionism is considered antisemitic." This entangles a lot of Jews who are critical of the concept for various reasons, not to mention it gives both Jew or Gentile the choice of "you must accept Zionism or else you're an antisemite/self-loathing Jew." It also disregards a lot of what happened in 1948, and provides zero room for alternatives to the current situation.

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It's interesting you bring up that it was the Jews solely being the target. When they started expanding, the other target that was very deliberately the Slavs - specifically the Poles, but also the Russians. But I also think that the reason they were targeted was very specific (expansionism+anti-communism). Do you think it was just a simple matter of blacks not being relevant to the Greater Germany plans at the time?

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Has there ever been a time you've been tempted to steal David Malki!'s exclamation point?

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Why are there no photos of the Syrian Army in action? We get a lot of FSA/rebel photos, but no Syrian army from Western press sources. Does the regime keep even sympathetic photographers away? (More my curiosity than anything else: I doubt anyone outside of Syria could identify a Syrian soldier if you asked them)