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As a US Citizen I want to be informed and think critically about the US Supreme Court and it's rulings, but find myself getting swept up in polarized left/right debates. What can I do personally to think more critically about what cases they choose to take (or not) and their rulings?

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Can you comment on how work-related activities like performance reviews are or are not harmful to ones overall mental health?

Of particular interest to me is the idea of "growth mindset" which, I've experienced in practice at my company, as a thinly veiled way to tell people they aren't good enough and that they aren't doing enough, which creates more anxiety and poorer performance.

On paper, performance reviews are a great idea, but in practice notsomuch. What are better ways to manage for this in the workplace?


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unexpected and yet delightful response. well done.

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100% agreed one of the most informative AMAs in awhile

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Hi Scott, thanks for doing this AMA

This past fall I watched, and was thoroughly amazed by, a collaboration by Green-wood Cemetary and Death of Classical's program To America

I don't know much about classical music and that program kind of blew my socks off. Along with the programs you're doing, it feels like a the pandemic is really helping to push classical music out of the stuffy concert halls full of old white people, a good and liberating consequence.

Where else can you point us to find classical music being performed around the world that we may experience and support?