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Can someone add all Harmony replies to this image macro? http://qkme.me/3thhn8

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A friend of mine was in a movie theater during a massacre here in Sao Paulo, Brazil, some years ago (a psycho entered a Fight Club screening and started shooting everyone). He also thought the shooting wasn't real, because it sounded like "breaking wooden sticks" and not Hollywood shots. The weapon was an automatic 9mm sub-machine gun.

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you have to pick between Australia and the Amazon?

wow, tough to know where's nature is trying to kill you the most.

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I wish I could get you reddit gold, and upvote multiple times.

People, this person outlook of the Iquitos situation is perfect. I'm Brazilian and I have been part of ayahuasca culture in different forms/traditions for the last 14 years, and Iquitos airport share a lot of similarities with Orlando airport, if you know what I mean.

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