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With the Vlog Squad story you put the majority of the focus on David Dobrik and the others who were there that night rather than on Dom. Was that a conscious decision? If so, do you regret that the conversation then focused on these indirect participants instead of the perpetrator and the victims?

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Thank you for doing this AMA, and thank you for your activism and conviction you have shown over the years!

Hindsight is 20/20, what is one decision that you would make, or wouldnt make, if you had to start Overstock.com all over again?

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Mayor Pete, Im a proud South Bend resident, so I want to say thank you for what you and others have put into our city.

On to a real question, you have talked a lot about how Democrats need to address real problems in people's every day lives, and how this will ultimately make the party more successful at building a big tent coalition and convincing undecided voters that democratic values are the same as their values. Do you find the focus on identity politics and wedge issues to be damaging to this goal, or do you think most people are able to sift through the noise and listen to the true message?

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Are you actually frequently parachuting into remote locations, or is that more for dramatic effect?

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In 2032 what part of the city do you plan on building the Pete Buttigieg Presidential Library? Personally I think the old Hall of Fame building would be perfect.