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saurabk12 karma

Mining bitcoin takes significant resources such as electricity to run the hardware that does the mining and to run the cooling systems required to keep the system running. Do you think this mining technique is scalable ? I get it that it is manageable at the $2 ish Billion market cap that BC is today but you are talking of a $80 trillion economy.

saurabk11 karma

Thanks!! I did not know about the 51% attack theory. I listened to the first few pages of your recently released book on crypto currencies and I must say I was impressed by the opening of the book that talks about the exclusion of women from banking in Afghanistan and the role that bitcoin is playing in helping to bridge the same. I wrote a blog post http://www.bitlanders.com/blogs/the-age-of-cryptocurrency-how-bitcoin-and-digital-money-are-challenging-the-global-economic-order/2694720 about the same.