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satansmagichat1 karma

The Resistance (or Avalon) closes out our game night so people can unwind/sober up. We've played dozens, possibly a hundred or so, games and the blue team has yet to come up with a winning strategy. Recently, we've resorted to covert eye signals, nudging, footsy, whatever it takes to signify who the good guys are, but even that gets subverted once one of us that knows the signals becomes a traitor.

My question is, are there any secrets you've figured out in solely the base game (no Merlin, lady of the lake, plot cards) that helps you win as the good guys?

I understand this might be akin to ruining your own game, so if you'd rather, you can just tell me the best combination of Merlin, Lady, Plot Cards, etc. to use. (We mostly just play base since we'll often have one or two new players.)

And thanks for the great game!