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sassyassburgers2 karma

Can you learn to sew a dress without knowing how to sew? Probably, but it'll take a lot of work and dedication, and it'll turn out crappy the first thousand times.

Especially if you basically want to compose a piece. That's like asking if you could learn to sew a dress without a pattern, just off the top of your head. Is that possible? Yes. You can google the basics, but the rest is just a shit ton of practice. Probably more practice than you've ever needed to practice at something in your entire life.

It sounds easy, but once you get into the specifics of piano technique and piano theory (major, minor, staffs, major minor scales, major minor chords, harmonics, natural, etc) it seems daunting, but don't give up if you're passionate about it, it's definitely doable.

PM if you have questions or need help starting.