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Where are your favorite and least favorite airports? What do you like to do in your free time?

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You're actually using procedural memory to do this. Often still intact for persons with amnesia, such as patient H.M.

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Well, as said in the other thread, the largest tragedy was the girl I killed. Killed her on the banks of the Song Tra Bong river. She was caught in crossfire and I blew a softball sized hole in her head, practically knocking it off. Saw her close up after and was patted on the back for it and commemorated for it. I think about the poor girl every day and cried for weeks about it. She looked about 20.

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I wonder, were you malnourished while using? That would stop your period.

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Did you work with a speech pathologist for your swallowing? Curious if they recommended any strategies (assuming you did) to get around the paralysis.