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As long as you're browsing other posts ... what's the weirdest thing that YOU ever saw on a plane?

Me: mock wedding on the plane of a young couple who were engaged and actually on their way to get married in California, complete with a fake bouquet, veil and train made from toilet paper, and airline treats for everyone for the "reception." Good Guy Southwest, back in the day!

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Hi, thank you for doing an AMA! We loved you and Kevin on King of Queens, have been fans ever since, and always pulling for you.

We have a teenaged daughter. What advice would you give to a young woman in high school?

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Do you know this guy?


Met him last year, operating in the SW burbs (Lemont/Naperville), great guy. I think you two could do a lot of good together.

God bless!

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Bravo! I always appreciate the Justices resisting the urge to join applause during the Address, this seems to be the same principle.