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It’s impressive Abrams got one third of the write in vote, I’d say that sort of voter momentum could go a long way.

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Ohhhh gotcha, I misunderstood!

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What do you eat in a day? :)

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I’m a democrat, and surrounded by gun enthusiasts, and I’m interested in your opinion. How would you feel about a gun reform similar to say, Australia, where rifles are allowing and assault rifles are banned (unless I’m wrong about their policy, which is entirely plausible)? Mental health checks?

I’m curious because I also see the benefit of the protection of a pistol. I don’t think taking away all guns is the answer and will get us anywhere as a country, but it’s hard to deny gun violence is out of control and we need a solution.

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I'm moving to D.C. This summer! Anything I can do to get into this industry?