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You seem to have a positive attitude about the world, which living in rural Georgia is unusual for the Christians I personally know. I am not sure if there is a theological difference, but the grumpy Christians I know all are mainly focused on Revelation, the end times, how they are happening right now, and because I am atheist I am going to burn in hell forever. It's all an extremely toxic environment to be in. I often don't know what to say, but often try the love your neighbor approach. I am wondering two things:

1) What is your interpretation of Revelation, I've read other Christians interpret it as apocryphal poetry or referring to Rome at the time, and 2) what sort of response would you give to people who seem to use their christianity as weapon to put others down?

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Do you have a critical analysis/article you can recommend to support your interpretation? I would like to introduce other ways at looking at Revalation from a Christian source. The culture around End Times Christianity is terrifyingly negative it's almost has me believing demons are real and invented this interpretation to fill the world with as much hate as possible.

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Definitely a lot of fear driving this 'end times now' interpretation. I was being a little /s about demons, that's just a word thrown my way alot by the end timers.

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Is it true that WOW crushed the World of Gmail today? When did the series of tubes become concentric tubes?

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Thank you for the suggestion! I will look for it.