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Would you be able to do a ebook of the letters? If you made a kickstarter, I bet people would still have interest and remember this post.

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Hey, I have quite a few. If you can answer them all, wonderful, if not, no worries. I have a brother who's a CO, so a lot of curiosity from that.

  • What kind of questions do you and don't you like family/friends asking about your work? I want to know what's going on in my bro's head, without bugging him.
  • How do you stay positive (coping mechanisms)? I know the work schedule can be pretty vicious, and the environment isn't exactly great.
  • What are the biggest stereotypes you've seen that are true/false about COs and inmates?
  • How would you respond to those who see abuse in every single act of force to help them understand? Are there any fears that you would recognize as valid when it comes to misuse of force?
  • What habits/attitudes have you seen work best for inmates to simply get through prison time?
  • What % of the pop. takes advantage of educational/religious/reform-minded programs?
  • If a state person asked you to provide 3 tips of how they could improve conditions for workers and/or inmates, what would you say? I know it's not your job, but any of us can see where our jobs would be better if something was done differently!