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Better send them your measurements then.

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Do you feel bad for making me think this was a Richard Branson AMA for a few seconds?

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BaNanA iS jUst bONeleSs CoRn

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Hi Richard, thanks for answering questions today.

I'm a school student, only able to vote in a few months, with a keen interest in technology. For years Australia has relied on the mining sector to prop up economic growth, but as commodity prices fall and growth in that sector weakens, we should be looking to non mining sector to maintain sustainable growth. Considering the direction in which the world is heading, a strong technology industry seems a fairly appropriate way to balance this, but after the removal of the FTTP NBN and the impending TPP negotiations close to being signed, it seems that there is a basic disconnect between politicians and technology. Whilst the media continue to underreport such issues, I fear that in order to pursue a career I truly enjoy, I would have to look to a job where the technology sector was healthy, and ideally where the TPP was not choking entrepreneurship.

What would the Greens party under your leadership do to improve the technology industry, particularly in regards to the NBN, TPP and general economic assistance?

And what can we do as a whole to educate the masses more in regards to the TPP? It seems to me that it should be an election talking point.

Thanks again!